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House of Tease is based out of Seoul, and its members are booked internationally. We are a theatrical House of burlesque, drag, and aerial performers specializing in spectacle, seduction, and strategically placed attire since 2015.

We’ve performed at Paradise City’s Rubik and Club Chroma, Shade Seoul, Femme Seoul, Kontrast Seoul, Output Busan, Drag Drink Play, Meet Market, Slipper Room (NYC), House of Yes (NYC), PRIDE: Seoul Queer Culture Festival, Mixmag Korea, Keller Seoul, GQ Korea, Unbridled Chicago (Chicago), Busan Drag Prom, Burlesque Cheongdam, and various nightclubs in Itaewon & Hongdae.

We also stage a season of mainstage plays under Starlight Burlesque. A Starlight Burlesque show is a production that offers high audience interaction within narrative driven performances. All of these productions are original shows with original scripts.

Mother / Flowerbomb
Members, Performers / Vanessica Carver, Stellar Wynn, Maia Pussy Sparkles, Gazelle, Cathy La Choi, Tea, Stardust, Nikki Ashes, Samia Mounts, Empress, Sacre Bleu, (and soon to be pictured: Queenie)

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Members, Tech / Robert Michael Evans (Photographer), Kelly Belter (Illustrator)

BDP BW 061.jpg

HoT at

Busan Drag Prom (2018)

Top, left to right: Tea, Maia Pussy Sparkles, Vanessica Carver, and Samia Mounts

Bottom, left to right: Flowerbomb, Stardust, and Empress

House of Tease x Starlight Burlesque

We are destroying the patriarchy by daring to be Femme. We are felines. We are fatales. We are non-binary, queer, allied, strong, empowered, bold, and beautiful creatures of creation. We seek to invert— both literally and metaphorically— body, burlesque, and drag expectations. We dangle jewels from our nipples and our beards, own our high heel footwear, and defy gravity in aerial dances and production designs. Our bodies have soft curves and hard lines. We are burly babes, drag queens, aerialists, thespians, royalty, poets, visionaries, and walking pieces of art. We use lipstick, lighting, steel, and silk to renegotiate our spaces from here to the stars; from stage lights to starlights. 


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Tease on The Town


Saturday, June 22nd: “Drag Drink Play” at Rabbithole in HBC featuring House of Tease member, Queenie!

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Models: Sacre Bleu and Flowerbomb Suicide, Shibari Artist: Michelle Louise, Journalist and Photographer: Michael Hurt

Changing Attitudes Towards Sex In Korea

One can read the title of this story in the sense of either a noun or a verb, but were one to take it in the active sense, this story would be about how some people are working to change ideas about sexuality in Korea in an embodied way; by putting their bodies on the line, flesh into the game...


A House member rehearses aerial silk choreography / Image courtesy of Robert Michael Evans / Journalist, Celeste Kriel

KOREA TIMES: Starlight Productions Unveils Burlesque Season with 'Open Letters'

Starlight Productions will reveal the first of two burlesque play productions on the opening night of their "Burlesque Season," March 9.

The Seoul-based production house stages original plays marrying burlesque and theater, as well as diverse art forms such as drag, aerial silk, aerial hoop and pole, while weaving in aspects of traditional theater. The burlesque aspect also takes on forms such as chair dancing and fire spinning...



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