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DRAG DRINK PLAY: Snatched Edition

Vanessica Carver is competing in…


A Drag Competition by DRAG DRINK PLAY

SNATCHED by Drag Drink Play

THEME: Queer Icons
(Choose any songs by someone important to the queer community)

CASH PRIZE: 100,000 won for winning entry


Rules to sign up for Snatched:

1. SNATCHED is open to both new and experienced Drag performers. That means Kings and Queens and everything in between!
2. Send us your email to with your drag name and MP3 TRACK.
3. Please note that sending just a track name will not secure you a spot in the competition
4. Spots are limited. We will NOT be accepting any more contestants after we receive the 6th entry. NO EXCEPTIONS.
5. If you don’t send us an email in a timely fashion, I’m sorry there is nothing we can do. Spots are limited so please ensure you can send a track in time.


1. SNATCHED는 활동을시작한 공연자든 경험이 많은 공연자들에게 열려있습니다. 드랙퀸이든 드랙킹이든 누구나 참여 가능합니다.
2. 드랙 이름과 준비한 음원을 에게 mp3형식으로 꼭 보내주셔야합니다.
3. 음원 타이틀만 보낸다고 하면 경쟁에서 자리를 지킬수없습니다.
4. 공연자 수가 제한되어있으니 6번째 지원자 후 더 이상 받을수없습니다.
5. 시간내에 이메일을 제출하지않을경우 자리를 확보할수없고 이벤트에 참여가 불가능합니다. 이해해주셔서 감사합니다.