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P.U.S.S.I. WHIPPED: Cats, Feminism, & Sh*t-tons of Glitter!

Starlight Burlesque X Lynne Lambert Productions presents a main stage show feature House of Tease in…

P.U.S.S.I Whipped

Cats, Feminism, & Sh*t-tons of Glitter!

"P.U.S.S.I. Whipped: Cats, Feminism, & Sh*t-tons of Glitter!"

The CATS have been watching us and they are not happy. For a hundred years, they have sent down esteemed CAT leaders to infiltrate Earth by posing as famous women in politics, entertainment, and academia. Unfortunately, their mercy mission has failed. Now, they have returned with their P.U.S.S.I. Fleet to claim what’s rightfully theirs: complete and total rule of the universe.

Rabbithole Arcade Pub
(Doors open an hour before show time)
Fridays, August 16th & 23rd
Saturdays, August 17th & 24th

KRW 25,000
** Tickets cannot be paid for in advance. All tickets should be paid for at the door with cash.
*** There are no reservations for this show. First come, first serve! UNLESS... you are a party of five or more, then we will take your reservation down! Thank you.

Directed by Flowerbomb & Lynne Lambert
Written by Lynne Lambert & Jo Palazuelos-Krukowski
Edited by Flowerbomb
Produced by Flowerbomb & Lynne Lambert