House of Tease

The production team behind Starlight Productions.

Let's get personal.

Top: Flowerbomb, Bottom: Sacré Bleu. Photographer: Robert Michael Evans

Founder and Artistic Director of Starlight Productions // House of Tease Mother, Flowerbomb Suicide

Whether it's in her performance art pieces or her SuicideGirl sets, Flowerbomb aims to tease the body and intrigue the mind. She is a full-time international performer, aerialist and published alternative model from Atlanta, Georgia. Upon receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Acting from Brenau University’s Gainesville Theatre Alliance, she moved to Korea to explore spaces where she could freely express two sides of herself: the intellect and the femme fatale. Flowerbomb joined Seoul Shakespeare Company and also entered the Seoul burlesque scene in 2014. She began to merge the world of classical theatre with the art of tease:

She combined her trusty thespian mind

With her beating seductive heart to find...

Starlight Productions! Starlight Productions is the stage where she explores and produces all your Burlesque-Play fantasies! When Flowerbomb isn’t producing a show or in one, she is climbing her aerial silk, sharpening her Vogue skills, and building an empire.


Production Manager and Resident Choreographer of Starlight Productions // House of Tease Mother, Sacré Bleu

“Life is more fun when your feet aren’t on the ground.” – Sacré Bleu
With over twenty years of dance experience, Sacré Bleu relocated to Seoul in 2013 and quickly became involved with the city’s rapidly evolving burlesque scene. After performing in Starlight Production’s 2015 debut show "Pandora’s Box," she developed a keen interest in managing and choreographing burlesque events larger in both spectacle and scale. The allure of more structured rehearsals, attention to detail and story based performances led her to cultivate a strong working relationship with Flowerbomb, which resulted in the production of 2016’s "Le Sexe."

Originally from Long Beach, California, Sacré Bleu majored in Gender Studies. As such, she believes in sex positive body expression and holds the notion of inclusivity to the highest regard whenever producing work. Versed in dance of varying styles, her favorite acts to conceptualize are those that involve aerial chair, hoop and pole. Besides hanging upside down, she is overly fond of the 1980’s French cut bikini and Batman the Animated Series.


Production Assistant and Head of Public Relations, MaybeBaby

A city girl at heart, MaybeBaby was born in Seoul with her eyes wide open and ready to take in everything. With performance aspirations, she traveled abroad and enrolled into William Esper Studio in New York City. After spending two inspiring years in NY, she returned to Seoul and experienced two more eventful years full of exciting opportunities. She took on a role in Seoul Players' Shadow Cast performance of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" as a performer (Columbia) the first year and then as a Choreographer the following year. She then continued to entangle herself in the Seoul arts scene with leaving black kiss marks on Don John as a vampy villain in Seoul Shakespeare Company's "Much Ado About Nothing" production of 2016. And last, but not least, MaybeBaby stepped into the world of burlesque through Flowerbomb and Sacré Bleu's vision of that world. She saw Starlight Productions' 2015 show "Pandora's Box,” and on that day she started dreaming up her stage name. She took on a name that best suited her nature, as a tease-and-a-half: MaybeBaby! And the rest is Herstory!


Stylist and Social Media PR, Vanessica Carver

Born from a homosexual’s fever dream and desire for more attention, Vanessica Carver is Seoul’s premiere bearded drag queen. Whether she’s lip syncing in a cramped bar or onstage in a more traditional production, one thing is for sure: she will do the splits at some point. Her performance credits in Seoul include various LGBTQIA parties, like Meet Market, Shade, and Neon Milk, and performing in a shadow-cast production of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” in which she was incredibly well-received as Dr. Frank-n-Furter. Stateside, however, she has been seen in everything from “Sweeney Todd” to “Arsenic and “Old Lace” to “The Glass Menagerie.”

While she tells everyone she’s from “your dreams,” she was actually born in the frozen wasteland of North Pole, Alaska. Long term goals include marrying rich, starting a makeup company (she graduated with a GPA of 4.25 in International Business), and tragically faking her own death after a lucrative jewel heist.


House Secretary and Head of Finances, Maia Pussy Sparkles


Maia Pussy Sparkles is a budding drag queen breaking into the Seoul scene. She lives for three things: glitter (beards), high ponytails, and her two pussies (meow!)--who also sparkle from time to time. 

Maia has lived in South Korea for the past six years, and in the last two years she has returned to the stage. In Kansas, you would often find her involved in various stage productions. During her university days she stopped performing to focus on the Jesus (real talk). Since moving to Korea, she has discovered her love of dick, gotten over the whole Jesus thing, and rediscovered her love for theatre which has led to the unique performing arts track she is on now: a mix of theatre, musicals, burlesque and drag! Her latest, and most noteworthy, performances are with Seoul Players in their shadow-cast production of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” (Halloween 2015) and a One Act Play Festival show called “Water Weight” (May 2017, written by Daniel Kennedy), Camarata Music Company's production of “Oklahoma” (May/June 2016), Starlight Productions' Burlesque-Plays “Le Sexe” (December 2016) and “Heart-Core” (April 2017), and Meet Market’s monthly Drag Shows.


Social Chair and Head of Local Marketing, Nikki Ashes

Coming from a long history of performance--from learning to choreograph and execute her own baton twirling shows with enough energy and charisma to light up a football stadium of thousandsto finding a love in dance and the joy of music combined with movement (winning her first place in a K-pop cover contest)--Seattle born Nikki Ashes lives for the energy of an audience. Nikki first began electrifying the Seoul drag scene in 2014 working in a cutthroat fledgling scene where the audience demanded energy and creativity in every moment. After a hiatus in 2015, Nikki returned to Seoul and galvanized in her character as a sultry, lacy, powerful Madame of the brothel. She has performed on some of the biggest stages for drag in Seoul with Meet Market, Shade, and the Korean Queer Culture Festival at Pride in 2016 and 2017. She has also shared the stage with RuPaul queens Kim Chi, Naomi Smalls, and Season 7 winner Violet Chachki at Neon Milk events. Nikki Ashes combines glamour and muscle, booty and beauty, to give explosive performances that will leave you thinking about her all night long.


Resident Photographer and Videographer, Robert Michael Evans


Robert is a self-taught photographer and creative from Atlanta, Georgia, currently residing in Seoul, South Korea. In University, he studied Cultural Anthropology. That intellectual underpinning played a large part in his original reason for picking up a camera. When he acquired his first camera, he was consumed with the simple desire to capture moments of his life along with the culture of people whose paths he crossed. Robert’s early photos were dominated by those ideas. As he continued to photograph, to learn, and to share, people began asking him more and more for his photographic services. Eager for experience, he always said "yes." Seoul, the bustling and vibrant city that it is, provided him with no shortage of opportunities to grow and develop as a photographer and videographer. Fast forward through a few years of consistently striving to improve and here he is: a photographer at your service. 

Clients include the Korea Tourism Organization, Samsung C&T, Hanyang University, Panda Whale Record Labels, Seoul Magazine, Groove Magazine, and, of course, Starlight Productions with Starlight Burlesque and House of Tease.